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On behalf of everyone in AIM, we would like to take this opportunity to appreciate T-R Associates’ great support on us. It is so lucky for us to be able to cooperate with you.

T-R Associates and AIM are keeping the cooperative relationship for more than 20 years. During this 20 years, T-R Associates provided us a wide variety of service and we could purchase many kinds of products from you, such as Belden cable, OCC cable, AMP, Molex, many TOOLS and so on. In AIM’s development, you play a very important part. And we consider you as our main and important vendor in America.

Compared with our other oversea vendors, we think your below services are especially excellent and we highly appreciate your effort on them.

  1. Prompt quotation and lead time feedback.
  2. Service range is so wide that most of products we want could be purchased from you.
  3. There is rarely minimum quantity request.
  4. The ability to solve the quality issue.

Hopefully, T-R Associates and AIM could keep this good relationship in the next 20 years. Also sincerely wish you a continued development in your business.

A. Jayashida & Qinju Ding, AIM Electronics, CO. LTD

T-R Associates, Inc. is one of few companies which meets best in class practices in most of Supply Chain Management areas such as response time, pricing, communication, documentation preparations which is extremely important to our highly valued customers. With their constant support, we have established very effective structure increasing our profitability and increasing business areas. Within short period of time their staff earned our trust and helping us solving hard to deliver tasks.

Shahin Shahbazov, Saltlake, LLC