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"The provision of complete export management services."

Company Information

The combined years of service for T-R’s associates exceeds 350 years. The knowledge, experience and dedicated commitment to serving our customers is also evident in that 50% of our customers have been with us 20 years or more, and some we’ve had the privilege of working with since we opened.

Mission Statement

To deliver exceptional customer service in support of international business needs and domestic trade.

Vision Statement

To serve as a strategic partner bringing continents together, while shrinking time and distance barriers between products and markets.

Core Values

  • Integrity (in all we do)
  • Courage (to do what is right)
  • Collaboration (with each other and with our customers)
  • Accountability (for our decisions and actions)
  • Profitability (for growth and investment)

Customer Satisfaction

In a June 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey with a 36% response rate, on a scale of 1 to 5 our customers rated us 3.9 in the category of “ease of which to do business.”