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Case Studies

Case Study #1: Adaptability

One the world’s leading supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in the oil and gas industry wanted to streamline its materials receiving and  inventory management, with the goals of minimizing errors and reducing costs. One tactic the company used was to implement a 2-D bar code labeling system. T-R Associates was one of the initial early adapters of the new labeling system. To do so, T-R Associate implemented new and different internal processes when ordering and receiving material for this company. In addition, we invested in technology hardware to support the business changes implemented by the company. This is one example why business contacts within this company will state “It’s a pleasure doing business with T-R.”

Cast Study #2: Flexibility

The majority of the materials we source and procure for our companies all over the globe are predominantly made in the U.S.A. Because of this, the measurements of these products are in inches, feet, pounds, ounces, or in some instances rolls, as opposed to kilograms, liters, etc. Several of our customers had recently or were planning to implement internal purchasing systems which required the measurements native to their country to be input into the system. In order to facilitate this purchasing process on our end, we made structural adjustments to our proprietary database in order to accommodate our customers’ business needs.

Case Study # 3: Competitive

Several customers place multiple orders within a year for the same product. The quantities of the individual orders do not qualify for a volume discount. In order to procure and pass along the saving to our customer, T-R Associates will often purchase and warehouse the incremental quantities for future orders.

Case Study #4: Responsive

Several customers routinely order multiple materials/part numbers that are sold and priced independently, but when used within their organization these multiple items were always used together, not individually. In order to simplify the ordering and inventory tracking process within the customers’ company’s, we created a “unique” part number, so our customers only need to list one line item while we source and track all of the different part numbers for them.